Interior Design,Colour Consultatant

Online Service 

   "30 Years Experience Making Your Space Your Place"

Design Solutions is a small company. I keep it small in order to provide the type of personalized service I would want for myself.

My services are now online only and primarily for the DIY market. 

I specify colour schemes but not painters. I provide advice but not products.

I am a certified Colour Consultant with up to date design and colour trend knowledge.

Over the years I have worked on all types of projects from large to small, from custom homes to individual rooms.

I have expertise in all styles of window coverings from the numerous types of blinds provided by all of the major suppliers to fabricated valances, draperies and other soft furnishing.

I can offer sound advice on all types of flooring based on  years of experience in this field

I can provide suggestions in line with your situation and your preferences.

My personal design style and colour partialities do not entre the equation. This service is about you!

My 30 years of experience enables me to easily assist you in Making your Space Your Place.

"For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another,respond and balance one another." Andre Putman